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I grew up in a small town north of Boston, Massachusetts. My lifelong passion has been animals, but specifically reptiles. For a really long time, I wanted to be a reptile breeder but I kept putting that on hold while I finished school for computer engineering. After finishing school, I realized that I didn't want to monetize reptile keeping like I thought I did. 

But what does that have to do with photography? Well, I realized that there was something else that I enjoyed more, that I had been doing for years without really thinking too much about it: taking pictures. Over the years, I always made it a point to "document" things. Events, moments, people, my pets, etc. My own personal archive of pictures goes back to 2010! 

This really came full circle when I purchased my first real camera for a couple of trips abroad. First, Greece, where I got to experiment with actual portraiture and landscape photography. Then soon after, Guatemala, my first ever "wildlife tour" where we encountered some amazing reptiles in the wild and captured some even more amazing shots! Since then, I invested a bunch of time into practicing photography, taking classes, building a style, and all around enjoying the process more and more! Clearly my path into this has been untraditional but I wouldn't trade it for the world.​

As I've gotten older, I've fully realized how valuable time is. It's the one thing in life we can't get back. But cameras are the only tools we have to capture moments, which can be even more valuable than time. Looking back on my pictures always makes me feel so happy and nostalgic, and that feeling is something I want to bring to my clients. Pictures always tell a story, and I look forward to helping you bring yours to light!

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